The founding of the band JOURNEYS in the year 2000 marks the reunion of a group of old friends. The six professional musicians of the band have known each other for years from various projects and collaborations. They grew up in a time of musical transitions and speak the same language. On stage, they give each other a great deal of creative freedom because they no longer have to prove who they are. With great enthusiasm and a spirit of discovery, they can do what they do best: taking their audience on musical journeys across North America, South America, and the Caribbean.
JOURNEYS’ original compositions are mainly by Angelo Signore, & Philippe Mall, but Ueli Gasser also writes his own songs. While the Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Funk and Latin elements form a soundscape that is rich in rhythm and harmony, the clear melodic direction continually ensures an easily-traceable common theme. This is why the groovy Funk pieces, lyrical ballads, and creative Latin Jazz compositions appeal to not just Jazz lovers, but a broad, multi-generational audience.
Collectively, the members of JOURNEYS have close to 250 years of musical experience: Angelo Signore (piano/keyboards) has an extraordinary talent for composition and stays in control of the musical themes; Willy Kotoun (percussion) senses when an idea is truly working and guides the groove; Robert Mark (drums/percussion) is the driving force behind the band and handles public relations; Luciano Maranta (e-bass) is completely relaxed and lays down the musical foundation with his bass; Ueli Gasser (guitars) is harmonically well-versed and is convincing no matter what the musical style, and Philippe Mall (sax) loves improvisation and inspires experimentation.
Following “Different Places” (2004) and “New Destinations” (2012) JOURNEYS have released their third album “Transit”, in March 2017. In this release, the band stays true to their distinct style, but complements it with Lounge elements. The album was produced by Angelo Signore, recorded by Urs Wiesendanger in the Power Play Studios in Maur/Zurich and published by NiRo Music.
In May 2014, JOURNEYS toured in the US and Canada, performing in some of the most exclusive jazz clubs of North America. An additional concert tour along the US East Coast is planned for September 2017.



Angelo Signore (piano/keyboards)
Willy Kotoun (percussion)
Robert Mark (drums/percussion)
Luciano Maranta (e-bass)
Ueli Gasser (guitars)
Philippe Mall (sax)



For over 26 years Doris Ackermann hast been one of the most inspired leaders of the Swiss country movement.

This songwriter stayed  authentic and creative rightthrough, because she is far away from any cliché with wonderful  songs and matured  first class musicians and  still touching our souls.

Her top musicians have been  in her band for many years and support the singer with their professional experience.

The musicians are:

DORIS ACKERMANN: vocal, git.,mandolin
Ueli Gasser: guitars/mandolin/vocal
Michael Dolmetsch: piano/accordeon/ vocal
Markus Fritzsche: upright-& e- bass, vocal
Hannes Würgler: perc./drums/vocal


Othella Dallas ist eine Grand Old Lady des Jazz , Blues und Funk. Am 26. September 1925 in Memphis geboren, beginnt ihre Tanzkarriere bereits im Alter von 5 Jahren.

Mit 19 wird sie von der grossen Choreographin Katherine Dunham entdeckt, studiert an der Dunham School of Theatre and Dance in New York und wird gefeierte Solotänzerin in der Company.1950 beginnt sie ihre Gesangskarriere in Paris und steht bald schon mit den grossen des Jazz auf der Bühne; Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones , Sammy Davis jr., Nat King Cole.

Seit den 60er Jahren wohnt sie in der Schweiz und hat mit ihrer vor drei Jahren erschienen CD „I Live the Life I Love“ nationale Bekanntheit erlangt

Das Feuer des Soul und des Jazz brennt unermüdlich in ihr. Sie gehört heute schweizweit zu den faszinierendsten Live- Acts. Ihre Auftritte reissen das Publikum aus den Sitzen und begeistern Fans genauso wie Newcomer. Othella Dallas trägt die Musik tief in ihrem Herzen. Und sie versteht es, den Funken überspringen zu lassen.

The musicians are:

Ueli Gasser: guitars
Peter Wagner; keys
Michael Chylewski
Lukas Gasser: drs.

Alex Hendriksen; ten. sax, flute

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